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The month of May is always a month of remembrance in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This year marks the 149th anniversary of Memorial Day in town (the 150th observance) – and we at The Gettysburg Experience hope to help you commemorate it with historic articles, delicious seasonal recipes, and our newly updated Calendar of Events.   Read More >

The Jennie Wade Birthplace: Humble & Historic Beginnings

Jennie Wade is most remembered for being the only Gettysburg civilian killed during the famous battle. At just twenty years old, the young woman was shot, accidentally, by a sharpshooter’s bullet that pierced the northern door of her sister’s rented duplex, where Jennie, her mother, and three young boys were staying with Jennie’s older sister, Georgia McClellan, who had given birth to a son just days before the beginning of the pivotal fight in the early summer of 1863. Read More >

Lark: Gettysburg's Most Unique Shop

In the center of historic Gettysburg stands one of the most unique shops that is certain to please those searching for the perfect gift. The eclectic and fabulous Lark is located at 17 Lincoln Square. Owner Timbrel Wallace wants her store to have the perfect mix of just about everything, with a price range to match every budget.  Read More>

General Elon Farnsworth: "I Am Not Afraid"

On the sultry afternoon of July 3, 1863, Pickett’s Charge had just been repulsed with heavy Confederate losses. In the hour that elapsed since the men in gray had failed to take the Federal center, a battalion of artillery roared to life. Confederates operating Bachman’s and Reilly’s batteries at the southern tip of the battlefield harassed the Union left flank on the Round Tops. It was a concern for the high command. There were yet infantry ensconced among the boulders and woods near Round Top – troops of Hood’s Division who had survived and had escaped serious injury the second day. As one of the largest divisions in Lee’s Army, Hood’s troops, now led by Evander Law, retained their position from the previous day’s fight. Something needed to be done to scatter them and reduce the threat of any flanking maneuver against the Union line.   Read More >

JFK: A Centennial

May 29, 2017 is the day that marks the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of America’s 35th President, John F. Kennedy. It seems incredible that the youngest man elected President, at age 43 in 1960, could ever have grown old.   Read More >

Gettysburg & Memorial Day

It was once called Decoration Day, because the graves of the slain from the Civil War were decorated with flowers. Gettysburg commemorates one of the longest-running remembrances of Memorial Day, beginning in 1868. This year marks the 150th observance, and next year will mark the sesquicentennial of this commemoration in Pennsylvania’s most historic town.  Read More >

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