From the Editor

From the Editor

June has arrived in historic Gettysburg, and at The Gettysburg Experience, we hope to help enhance your enjoyment of the approach of summer with a plentiful array of historic articles, delicious summer recipes, and our updated Calendar of Events, all beginning on page 11 of this issue.

Our Gettysburg Addresses series continues with a study of the historic Leister Farm: History’s Smallest Headquarters, beginning on page 25. A description of Gettysburg through the eyes of some of the town’s civilians who were here during the battle is captured in I Remember Gettysburg, beginning on page 45.

Twenty-eight year old Francis Barlow was one of the many “boy generals” to participate in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was an interesting character study – he had a penchant for flannel shirts (don’t ask us why), and he was one of the few commanders who survived the war who never wrote a single book or memoir. And his first wife was nearly eleven years older than he was. Learn more about this unusual but deeply patriotic man in Francis Barlow: The Boy General, beginning on page 53. And, a strange story, The Barlow/Gordon Incident, is explained in detail beginning on page 67. Is it true or not? The answer may surprise you.

Don’t forget our Trivia Questions, located at the bottom of every odd-numbered page (except for the center, where our Map of Gettysburg is found). A hint to ace the Trivia: Read the articles first. Answers are found on page 77. There is also an Advertisers’ Directory for your convenience on page 78. We really appreciate our advertisers – and we wouldn’t have been here for the past twenty years without them. 

Thank you for choosing The Gettysburg Experience, a part of Gettysburg since 1997. 

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Sincerely, Diana Loski, Editor
Diana  Loski
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