From the Editor

From the Editor

Happy New Year!  We are still wondering what happened to 2017!

To help start off 2018, we are eager to bring you a collection of historic articles, delicious winter recipes, and our newly updated Calendar of Events – the Calendar begins on page 11.

Our Gettysburg Addresses series continues with The Trostle Farm: Endurance at Gettysburg .  Story begins on page 17. A tribute to The Year 1918 and the many events that occurred in that year a century ago, begin on page 27.  In researching, I discovered that three generals who fought at Gettysburg, all Confederates, shared the same birthday.  Learn about The Birthday Boys, starting on page 33.

For several years, I have noticed an increase in misspelled signs, misunderstanding of definitions, and several faux pas made by journalists and others who should know better. Hoping to help stop this epidemic of increasingly misappropriated language usage, we will debut with this issue our Editor’s Corner, found in its entirety, on page 38.

Our Trivia Questions are found at the bottom of every odd-numbered page (except for our Map of Gettysburg on pages 24 and 25).  To ace the Trivia , be sure to read the articles first.  Answers are found on page 41.

We also have, for your convenience, an Advertisers’ Directory on page 42.  We deeply appreciate our many advertisers – without them this publication would not be possible, as we receive no other funding.  Please be sure and visit their many places of business. We do!

Thank you for choosing The Gettysburg Experience, a part of Gettysburg since 1997.

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Sincerely, Diana Loski, Editor
Diana  Loski
A winter visit to Little Round Top

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