From the Editor

From the Editor

The month of July brings many anniversaries to commemorate in historic Gettysburg. The 154th anniversary of the pivotal battle that occurred here is upon us yet again. The 100th anniversary of America’s involvement in the Great War has come too – as well as the 100th year of one of Gettysburg’s famous monuments – the Virginia Memorial (which was dedicated 100 years ago on June 8). And, those of us at The Gettysburg Experience pass our 20th anniversary in the publication of our magazine.

We bring you The Culp Farm: A Long & Useful Life , beginning on page 25, to chronicle the lives of those who occupied the house since 1834. Michael Dreese has returned to offer The Colonel Who Became a Surgeon , beginning on page 35. The story of a man who should have died at Gettysburg but managed to live in spite of his mortal wound in Pickett’s Charge is detailed in James L. Kemper: “A Strong & Noble Soul”, beginning on page 53. Kemper’s division commander is known for many things – and an interesting Gettysburg connection is described in The House That Pickett Built , beginning on page 71. And, a tribute to the first Confederate State Memorial is commemorated in The Virginia Memorial: A Centennial , on page 77.

For those joining us for the first time, you will find Trivia Questions on the bottom of every odd-numbered page (except for the center, where our Map of Gettysburg is located). A hint to ace the Trivia : Read the articles first. Answers are found on page 85.

We offer an Advertiser’s Directory on page 86 for your convenience. We greatly appreciate our advertisers, as we receive no other funding. Some have been with us for the entire twenty years of the magazine’s existence. We shop at their establishments too and we can highly recommend them.

Thank you for choosing The Gettysburg Experience , having served visitors and denizens of Gettysburg since 1997 – and we hope to continue for 20 years more!

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Sincerely, Diana Loski, Editor
Diana  Loski
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