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Advertise with Us

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The Gettysburg Experience has been serving Adams County and surrounding areas, for 19 years, with information and human interest stories about our region. We hope you will consider advertising in The Gettysburg Experience magazine along with many businesses that already do.

Here are 17 reasons why you should consider advertising in The Gettysburg Experience:
1. We care about the success of your business.

2. We have a large local following. Tourists read us, and so do many people who live in Gettysburg and Adams County.

3. We have been told we have the most complete Calendar of Events in the area. If you have a special event, we will place it in the calendar at no cost to you. (Deadline is the 10th of the preceding month.)

4. We have a map in the center spread to help visitors with directions to their various destinations around Gettysburg. The map is easy to read and very popular with visitors.

5. We publish 11 times per year (January & February are a combined issue) giving you the opportunity to advertise in an affordable way all year long.

6. Our prices are affordable. We keep our prices low so everyone can afford to advertise.

7. You may advertise on a monthly basis, but we give frequency discounts for 6, 9 and 11-month contracts. If you decide to advertise for only 6 or 9 months you can pick and choose which months you want to advertise within your 12-month period.

8. If you sign a frequency contract you are still only billed on a monthly basis.

9. We can help you design your ad at no extra cost and then show you a completed proof for your approval.

10. You can change your ad every month at no extra charge.

11. We include historic articles that cover Colonial, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and Civil War era events connected to Gettysburg, (with a special emphasis on the Battle of Gettysburg) as well as Adams County human interest stories about people and places in modern times.

12. We are recognized for our interesting and historically accurate articles.

13. The Gettysburg Experience magazine is new and fresh each month.

14. We publish up to 15,000 copies per month.

15. The Gettysburg Experience magazine is distributed to over 200 places in and around Gettysburg and Adams County as well as places outside Adams County.

16. If you sign a frequency contract we will write a profile about your business at no extra cost. (Black and white photo free, color photo extra charge)

17. For a small fee, your website link appears on our website during the same month it appears in print. The website address appears on the cover every month, and is a featured link on other business sites.

Readers can view your ad and link to your website. ONLY $15 more per ad/month

Contents of this publication are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced, in whole or in part,
without written permission from the publisher. We strictly protect our copyright. Publishers reserve the right to
accept or reject any advertisement or advertiser, and is NOT responsible for ad content.

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