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The month of July brings many anniversaries to commemorate in historic Gettysburg. The 154th anniversary of the pivotal battle that occurred here is upon us yet again. The 100th anniversary of America’s involvement in the Great War has come too – as well as the 100th year of one of Gettysburg’s famous monuments – the Virginia Memorial (which was dedicated 100 years ago on June 8). And, those of us at The Gettysburg Experience pass our 20th anniversary in the publication of our magazine.   Read More >

The Culp Farm: A Long & Useful Life

There are many, many Culps in Pennsylvania. When Christophel Kolb, one of the original ancestors, came from Germany to Philadelphia with his family, he was just seventeen years old. Already family members had settled in Penn’s colony as early as 1707, and urged Christophel’s father, Mathias, to follow. The family, which consisted of five brothers and their parents, lived for a time in Berks County.  Read More >

The Colonel Who Became a Surgeon 

On the evening of July 3, 1863, a pair of ambulances meandered through the fields west of Gettysburg, where fierce fighting had raged two days earlier. The swinging lanterns clutched by the searchers revealed a macabre scene. The unburied corpses of hundreds of Union soldiers were strewn across the ground in no discernible pattern. They lay singularly or in groups, some in grotesque positions, others appeared relaxed as though they were sleeping dreamily under the stars. In the heat and humidity, the fallen heroes had turned an ashen black and were swollen far beyond their normal size. Nearly all had been stripped of their clothing by destitute Southern soldiers. Read More >

Mulligan MacDuffer: A Gettysburg Tradition

When some of the stars of the movie Gettysburg needed to unwind after a day of filming, they went to Mulligan MacDuffer Adventure Golf, located at 1360 Baltimore Pike. Owner Del Gudmestad, an avid golfer, designed the course himself, with two challenging courses featured in a most picturesque and bucolic setting. After opening in 1989, Mulligan MacDuffer’s has become a favorite among locals and visitors to Gettysburg.     Read More >

James L. Kemper: "A Strong & Noble Soul"

On the afternoon of July 3, 1863, the Confederates on Seminary Ridge were waiting coolly in the shade on an otherwise oppressive day. Across the mile-wide field that separated them from their counterparts in blue, the men stared, anxious but ready and eager to go. On the right flank of Pickett’s Division, a 39-year old general climbed easily into the saddle of his sorrel. His dark eyes flashed, and his calm demeanor helped to quell any disquiet among the troops of his brigade. He had been their leader for exactly 13 months, but on this day, no thought of bad luck entered his mind. He could not know it would be his last battle. His name was James Lawson Kemper.  Read More >

Servant Olde Tyme Photos Celebrates 25 Years in Gettysburg 

Kevin Servant had no idea when he agreed to have his photograph taken with his sister for a Christmas gift that he was about to embark on a career that would shape his life. 

“My parents owned a period clothing business at the time,” he said. They had already moved out of the smaller historic building on Steinwehr Avenue to make more room for their expansive inventory, and had not wanted to sell it. “My sister talked me into getting an old-time photo of us for our parents, and I reluctantly went along.” After posing for their photograph at the establishment in another Pennsylvania town, Kevin noticed that the store was going out of business and selling their equipment. He thought it might be a good idea for Gettysburg, and took their card. A few months later, 25 years ago, Servant Olde-Tyme Photos became a part of Gettysburg, at 237 Steinwehr Avenue.  Read More >

The House That Pickett Built

The name of George Pickett is forever remembered in Gettysburg, where the immortal charge that bears his name is etched in stone among the monuments on the battlefield and in cemeteries across the South. 

His name is also remembered far across the nation, in the town of Bellingham, Washington, where, in 1856, as a soldier for the Federal army, he worked on the construction of a fort, and built a home for his expectant wife. >Read More

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