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Autumn has arrived in Gettysburg. At The Gettysburg Experience, we enjoy bringing you another issue of historic articles, delicious fall recipes, and our updated Calendar of Events. October has much to offer, from the annual Apple Harvest Festival to the Halloween parade and the Autumn Civil War Militaria Show. The Calendar begins on page 11.   Read More >

The Black Horse Tavern: From Tippling House to Field Hospitals"

In the middle of the 18th century, the area that would later become Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was the western frontier. Settlers, many from Ireland, bravely made their homes there, forming the Marsh Creek Settlement. 

Irish immigrant William McClellan received a land grant from John Penn, the son of colony founder William Penn, for 360 acres in 1762. In the days before independence, McClellan built a log cabin and hung a sign of a black horse in front, establishing a tavern. Not wishing to pay the enormous taxes to the English king, William simply didn’t get a liquor license, making his Black Horse Tavern a Tippling House – or an illegal supplier of alcoholic refreshment. After paying a huge fine, McClellan acquiesced, applying for the license, making his tavern a legitimate stopping place for the many weary travelers who passed along the way.  Read More >

The Parrot: A Fusion of Art & Fine Dining 

The Parrot, at 35 Chambersburg Street in Gettysburg, celebrates one year with new owners Gus and Hillary Zucco.  Originally from New York, the pair are thrilled to be in Gettysburg with their new restaurant, which boasts a delicious new menu of multi-cultural cuisine.  Read More >

General Winfield Scott Hancock "His Fame is Secure"

The historic Gettysburg Cyclorama, completed in 1883, depicts the epic Pickett’s Charge; the climactic episode of the Battle of Gettysburg. Upon close inspection, many personal glimpses of the painting are evident. In one section of the work there is a general on a black horse, giving direction to subordinates. Even from a distance, those who see the soldier realize that he is a commander in control; calm and assured even under fire. It is appropriate that this man should be immortalized in the painting, for he was conspicuous during the entire three days of battle; and instrumental in the Union victory at Gettysburg. He was born to be a soldier and leader. He was Pennsylvania native Winfield S. Hancock.  Read More >

500 Years Ago: An Historic Reminder

October 31, 2017 marks the anniversary of a momentous event that occurred before America was even a nation – and yet its significance helped in playing a role of liberty and freedom of thought and opinion that Americans cherish.

On that date in 1517, a thirty-four-year-old friar named Martin Luther nailed a written grievance to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany.   Read More >

The Story of Ned 

In addition to the 51,000 human casualties from the Battle of Gettysburg, there were about 5,000 horses and mules who fell victim to the conflict in the summer of 1863. Some of them were taken from their owners who lived nearby – confiscated by both Union and Confederate troops who were in need of equine assistance in the fight.

Stories abound of civilians in and around Gettysburg who lost their horses, and never saw them again. There was, however, one happy ending for two Gettysburg boys and their horse and family pet, whom they affectionately called Ned.
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