• The Codori Farm: "One of the Saddest Sights"

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  • Ike & Mamie: A Centennial Celebration

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  • E.P. Alexander:  The Barrage Before the Charge
  • Pickett's Charge: A Scene from the Gettysburg Cyclorama  (Author Photo)

This Month's Headlines:

Editor's Letter

The month of July has arrived, and the 153rd anniversary of this historic place is again upon us.  Those of us at The Gettysburg Experience commemorate this month by bringing you an array of interesting articles, old-fashioned recipes, and our newly updated Calendar of Events – and there are myriad events taking place this month in and around Gettysburg.  Our Calendar begins on page 11.  Read More >

The Codori Farm: "One of the Saddest Sights"

South of the Borough of Gettysburg, in the fields known to history as the site of Pickett’s Charge, a brick house and sizable red barn stand between the lines of battle on the Emmitsburg Road.  The Codori Farm was owned by Gettysburg butcher Nicholas Codori during the conflict at Gettysburg.  Although Nicholas never personally lived at the property, the farm that bears his name is one of Gettysburg’s most noticed addresses. Read More >

GettysBike: Thinking Outside the Bus

Bob Steenstra is a man who is living his dream.  Outside of his family, his two favorite passions are Gettysburg and cycling.  He has traversed the United States twice on a bicycle – once from Oregon to New Jersey, and another time from Canada to Mexico.  An 8th grade history teacher, Bob is a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg National Military Park, licensed since 1991.  “I always enjoy bicycling around the battlefield,” he says.  “It is slower-paced, you can go places the cars and buses can’t, you feel the terrain, and with the wildlife and the agriculture around you, you can see the battlefield in a totally different way.”  Read More >

Ike & Mamie: A Centennial Celebration

On July 1, 1916, Dwight D. Eisenhower married Denver socialite Mamie Geneva Doud at the bride’s parents’ home in Denver, Colorado.  He was 25, she was 19.  They were married by a Presbyterian minister named Dr. Williamson. Read More >

General Richard B. Garnett  "One of the Noblest"

In the heat of the day, on July 3, 1863, the men of Pickett’s Division waited in the shade in an unsuccessful attempt to keep cool as they expected the order to attack the Federal position, nearly a mile distant.  On a crest in the woodlands of Seminary Ridge, two friends wearing Confederate gray looked across the rolling field ahead of them.  One pulled a cigar from his mouth and said quietly, “This is a desperate thing to attempt.”  His companion agreed.  “It is,” he said, “But the issue is with the Almighty.” Read More >

Hunt's Battlefield Fries Celebrates 15th Year in Gettysburg

When Scott Hunt met Donna Evans at Stone Harbor – a beach resort in coastal New Jersey – he had been working in a restaurant that specialized in delectable summer food, like boardwalk fries, burgers, and Philly cheese steaks.  Natives of York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, respectively, the couple longed to return to the Keystone State.  Read More >

E.P. Alexander: The Barrage Before the Charge

As to the causes of war, it will, of course, be understood that every former Confederate repudiates all accusations of treason or rebellion in the war, and even of fighting to preserve the institution of slavery…The unanimity and the desperation of our resistance clearly show our struggle to have been for that right of self-government, which the Englishman has claimed, and fought for, as for nothing else, since the days of King John. Read More >

In Their Words: Pickett's Charge

Pickett’s Charge is perhaps America’s most storied battle, where men grappled for the future of the nation on a summer’s afternoon in 1863. Tragic and epic, the fight has all the ingredients of the worst that humanity can inflict: heroism and cowardice, gore and fear, death and destruction that assaulted all five senses to the extreme – it is the epitome of human suffering and the cost of war. In their own words, some of the combatants – from just before the fight to its aftermath – share what they experienced on Gettysburg’s last day:  Read More >

Recipes, Yesterday, & Today >

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