From the Editor

From the Editor

The month of May is always a month of remembrance in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This year marks the 149th anniversary of Memorial Day in town (the 150th observance) – and we at The Gettysburg Experience hope to help you commemorate it with historic articles, delicious seasonal recipes, and our newly updated Calendar of Events.

Our Gettysburg Addresses series continues with The Jennie Wade Birthplace: Humble & Historic Beginnings, found beginning on page 23. Jennie is so often remembered for the way in which she died. We want to show where and how she lived. The youngest general to die at Gettysburg is featured in General Elon Farnsworth: “I Am Not Afraid”, beginning on page 39.

It seems incredible to believe that John F. Kennedy, who was the youngest President to be elected as such, and a visitor to Gettysburg a few months before his death, would've turned 100 years old this month! His amazing life sketch – we left out the sordid stuff – is chronicled in JFK: A Centennial, beginning on page 53. And, learn about a few of Decoration Days in Gettysburg’s past in Gettysburg & Memorial Day, on page 63.

We have a correction from last month’s issue: we mistakenly labeled the photo of Fort Monroe as Fort Delaware in our article about General Archer. It was Fort Monroe where he was taken, and the photo was the correct one – the labeling was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion.

Don’t forget our Trivia Questions at the bottom of every odd-numbered page (except for the center, where our Map of Gettysburg is found). To ace the Trivia, read the articles first. Answers are found on page 69. We also have for your convenience an Advertisers’ Directory on page 70. We are extremely grateful for our advertisers – we receive no other funding, and so without them, there would be no magazine. Be sure to stop in and see what they have to offer – we shop at their establishments too and highly recommend them.

Thank you for choosing The Gettysburg Experience, approaching two decades in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

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Sincerely, Diana Loski, Editor
Diana  Loski
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