From the Editor

From the Editor

Summer is waning and making room for beautiful autumn in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. At The Gettysburg Experience , we again bring you more historic articles, delicious fall recipes, and our newly updated Calendar of Events – beginning on page 11 of this issue.

Our Gettysburg Addresses series continues with The George Weikert House: “Those Awful Days” , beginning on page 23. Their story is, like most who endured the Battle of Gettysburg, harrowing. On page 31 you will find A Post Gettysburg Memory .

Our annual September offering , Decade by Decade: 100 Years of History , begins on page 45. We started this annual article in 2008, and it is one that many readers enjoy. We go by the years that end in seven, since this year is 2017. Wars, unrest, calamities, famous births and deaths and some amazing discoveries and beginnings are chronicled in the article.

We also offer a biographical sketch of a general at Gettysburg who shared something unique in common with Robert E. Lee. Learn about J.B. Robertson: The Man from Independence (Texas that is), beginning on page 57.

Every month we have Trivia Questions on the bottom of every odd-numbered page (except for the center where our Map of Gettysburg is found). A hint to ace the Trivi a: Read the articles first. Answers are found on page 69.

We also offer for your convenience an Advertisers’ Directory on page 70. We appreciate our advertisers – they are our sole source of revenue – without them this magazine would not be possible. Be sure to stop by their establishments. You might see us there, because we frequent them too, and can highly recommend them.

Thank you for choosing The Gettysburg Experience , a part of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania since 1997.

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Sincerely, Diana Loski, Editor
Diana  Loski
Diana in Alaska

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