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magazine, a publication exploring the Gettysburg of yesterday and today. We offer an array of interesting articles – most of which have a direct relation to historic Gettysburg from the Colonial era through the turn of the 21st century, often with an emphasis on the famous battle that occurredin the summer of 1863.

The Gettysburg Experience also offers a comprehensive Events Calendar (for those who want to know what special happenings to attend when they visit – any time of the year), delicious recipes, Gettysburg trivia, profiles of people and area businesses.

Having served the Gettysburg area since 1997, The Gettysburg Experience now extends our magazine to a wider circulation of readers, offering a glimpse into one of America’s most fascinating towns.

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Editor's Letter
The searing summer days of August have returned to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We hope to make this month memorable for you by our offering of historic articles, delicious recipes, and our updated Calendar of Events. Read More >

Gettysburg Vignettes
Sometimes stories of Gettysburg are too eclectic or ephemeral for an article, or somehow they don't fit into one because they are best when they stand alone. The following are a few of these stories, brief but powerful in their own way. Some are humorous, some are heartrending, all are noteworthy in better understanding the Battle of Gettysburg and its effect on human lives.
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Boyer Nurseries & Orchards The Heart of Adams County
The rich fruit orchards in Adams County, Pennsylvania were popular long before the troops in blue and gray fought over the fertile fields that held them in 1863. One of the area's longest standing farms, Boyer Nurseries & Orchards, at 405 Boyer Nursery Road in Biglerville, was established in 1900. Five generations of the Boyer/Lower family have worked in the fields and marketplace for over a century. The result is a wonderful bounty of fruits, local produce, and homemade goods for 114 years. Boyer also offers perennials, trees, and gardening supplies in their long-standing Garden Center.
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Avoiding The Black Flag
During war, flags were essential for many purposes. In battle, the flag bearers -- known as the color guard -- helped to lead the regiment, brigade, or division into the fight. If the flags went down, the advance stopped. The Signal Corps, comprised of the men who were in charge of sending messages, most often sent coded missives via flag signals.
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August 1864: Furious For Peace
The Union disaster at The Crater near Petersburg, Virginia had caused many in Washington to fall into a depression. The war, it seemed, was doomed to continue forever. President Lincoln, however, maintained a steadfast faith in the abilities of Ulysses S. Grant. On August 1, 1864, Lincoln conferred with Grant at Fort Monroe -- and urged him to continue whatever he had to in order to bring an end to the devastating war, but with a Federal victory.
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"Terrible, Terrible Was Our Loss" Two Regiments at Gettysburg
With the many places contested at Gettysburg, teeming with soldiers in the summer of 1863, the first day's battle west of town is often rushed, and sometimes avoided, so that time may be spent on other areas of the storied field. In and around Herbst Woods, and in the vicinity of McPherson's Ridge, thousands fell in one day. Two regiments, in fact, lost there the most men for their respective sides for any regiment at Gettysburg. In visiting the quiet area today, visitors can see their monuments that face each other across the paved park road.
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