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    Farewell to Jim Getty Jim Getty (1932-2015)

  • Gettysburg: Copperheads Amongst Us

    Gettysburg: Copperheads Amongst Us

    Gettysburg: Copperheads Amongst Us

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    "There Was Fighting For You!" The 1st Minnesota At Gettysburg


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Editor's Letter
As autumn draws closer to winter, and Remembrance Day approaches in historic Gettysburg, we at The Gettysburg Experience are eager to bring you another issue of interesting articles of historic import, old-fashioned recipes and our recently updated Calendar of Events. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, there are many family friendly special events in town – especially with the approach of the holiday season. Be sure to check out the Calendar, beginning on page 11. Read More

Farewell to Jim Getty
For the first time in nearly four decades, there will be a distinct difference at the annual commemoration of the Gettysburg Address on Cemetery Hill. For 38 years, a man from Illinois who made Gettysburg his home was the personification of Abraham Lincoln – and he is gone. Watching him, speaking with him, and being in his presence, you almost believed you were keeping company with the 16th President of the United States. Even more so, you knew you were in the presence of a good and great man.
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Home Front Gettysburg Sutler Store:A Touch Of The Old Days
There is a new addition to a quiet corner south of town known as Gettysburg Village. Home Front Gettysburg Sutler Store, located at 777 Baltimore Street, suite 105, is a sutler and general store fashioned after the old days.

Owner Kirk Davis has been a reenactor for 26 years and in the sutler business for 13 of those years. "I like people," he says, "and I like the eras of history." In his business, Kirk gets the best of both worlds.

Upon entering the general store, customers will also meet Molly, Kirk's Golden Retriever. Faithful and friendly, Molly is a patron of the Home Front, eager to greet anyone who walks through the door.
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Gettysburg: Copperheads Amongst Us
I was soon ordered by Gen. Meade to go into the town & make arrangements with responsible parties for the burial of the dead & securing of the property on the battlefield – Beck & I rode in. Had a great deal of difficulty in getting hold of some respectable parties to do anything with, the people being nearly all Copperheads…”

• Brigadier General Marsena Patrick, July 1863 1
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Somewear In Time: A Perfect Blend
Some talents are inherited. That is the case with Barbara (Bobbi) Brouillard, who owns Somewear in Time, located at 2215B Fairfield Road (Route 116) in Gettysburg.

“I have always been a seamstress,” she says. “My aunt Ethel Brouillard, who never married, was a professional seamstress over a hundred years ago.” A photograph of Bobbi’s great aunt Ethel, with her high lace collar and her Gibson Girl hairstyle, is part of Bobbi’s business logo.
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"There Was Fighting For You!" The 1st Minnesota At Gettysburg
The second day’s fight at Gettysburg was one of the worst of Civil War battles, exacerbated by the sudden redeployment that morning – against orders – by the commanding general of the Union Third Corps. Because General Sickles did not like his position in a hollow between Cemetery Ridge and Little Round top, he moved his troops forward. Placing them in untenable spots, which included Devil’s Den, the Wheatfield, and the Sherfy Peach Orchard, thousands of men soon found themselves in a deadly struggle. When General Longstreet saw the men in blue by the Emmitsburg Road, and out in front of the rest of the line, he quickly ordered an attack. Because other Union troops were sent out into the fray to rescue their compatriots from certain loss, the Federal line began to unravel, leaving large gaps near the center of George Meade’s defensive line. The competent veterans of the Army of Northern Virginia noticed – and immediately pressed their advantage over that weakness.
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Diana Loski is the editor of The Gettysburg Experience magazine. For the Civil War enthusiasts, for the visitor passing through, or for the long-time Gettysburg resident, this book will capture the essence of this unique and wonderful, and sometimes tragic, place known to the world as the Borough of Gettysburg.

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